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OK, you've bought your Neocube

Or maybe you bought it under these brand names:

  • Zen Magnets
  • Buckyballs from Zoomdongle
  • Eurocube
  • Nanodots

The mail's delivered your Neocube

And you've let the little magnets click clack together in a very pleasing way.

Now you want to find out more, more, more.

Everything!How toPicturesTutorialsVideos


The wonderful thing about the Neocube, or Buckyballs, or Zen Magnets is the huge range of videos out there showing you what to do. Neocube Tricks highlights these videos wherever they can be found and embedded.

If you've uploaded yours to Youtube why not create a page on Neocube Tricks and add it?

How do you add a video? Easy.

  1. Create a new page. That's easy. Follow these steps:
    1. Think of a descriptive and short page name, ideally just use the title of your video on Youtube
    2. Type it into that little box on the left that says Search, and click Go
    3. If a page with that name loads, then ether add your work to that page (Don't delete someone else's stuff), or choose a new page name and start that part again
  2. Write some description about the video, the more the better. If it's your own video, tell the world more about yourself here too, as much or as little as you want
  3. Read Template:Video add the text {{Video}} with the parameter(s) described there to the new page you creted, and remember to press preview before saving to see if you got it right
  4. Do your best to check for spelling mistakes and typos, and correct them.
  5. Save the page
  6. Most important, tell your friends. Use Facebook, twitter or whatever you like, but tell your friends!

If you want to see all we know about, simply look at Neocube videos


What? You don't have one of these sets? What are you thinking?

Don't worry, we have a page for each supplier!

So go here:

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